#1 In Google Ads Management

The phone book is “out”, Google Ads are “in. You and your company cannot afford to miss out on that.

Do not let your company miss out on thousands of searches every day in your area.  Location based targeting, laser focused keywords, and telling the story of your compnay with every click and search impression.

#1 In Google Ads Management 

The phone book is “out”, Google Ads are “in. You and your company cannot afford to miss out on that.

Do not let your company miss out on thousands of searches every day in your area.  Location based targeting, laser focused keywords, and telling the story of your compnay with every click and search impression.

The Problem With Google Ads

Actually, there are no real problems with Google Ads.  That was a mean trick. 🙂

Google Ads are the fastest, most effective, comprehensive, and illusive strategy for marketing online.

Honestly, the only problem with Google Ads is not having it running for your business…….

Our team here at Surch has spent ten’s of thousands of hours managing ad spend, ad copy, and all the variables that go into an air-tight paid search campaign.

if you are serious about growing your revenue and presence across major searches, please don’t ignore Google Paid Ads!

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Do Google Ads Matter?

The reality of the digital marketplace is that there are hundreds of competitors in most every area and industry.  Dentistry, Roofing, Landscaping, Accounting, and others have fierce competition.   There are only a few differences in the companies within these industries.    The people running them, and the marketing they put in front of their clients.

As people are looking for your services, it’s clear that someone searching for a service like yours is inevitably going to find and call someone.   The question is, who will they find first.

Thousands of searches happen monthly for your services online, but in order for you to get those new clients, you have to put your company in front of these people and Google Ads are the fastest and easiest way to do that!

Every search and call that goes by when you don’t show up means lost revenue to a competitor.  What is that worth to you?


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Google Ads Management

For Google Ads, our team at Surch is that reliable resource you need to take your business to the next level. Let’s discuss more about how we can put Google Ads to work for you you.


1000+ Keywords specific to your business.


Target people for your most profitable services.


Robust tracking of conversions and calls.


No margins on your ad budget. What you spend is what Google gets!

Get Everything You Need

To Win

Picture a day when your business shows up on the first page of Google for a thousand or so of the most profitable and highest converting keywords in your market..

Next thing that happens is your phone and lead forms become alive with activity.  More appointments, more sales and a breath of fresh air.

Thats what it feels like to work with the team here at Surch.   That reality is that you are really only a couple of weeks away from that reality once we get started on your campaigns.   Give us a call today! Our team stands by ready to help – as we have with hundreds of other companies like yours!


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Our Process At Work 

Detailed Understanding Of Your Business

Quickly Executing Your Marketing Across The Web

Tracking and Measuring Your Progress

Consistently reviewing results with you and your team.

Continually optimizing and adjusting our strategies for the best results!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital marketing?

The concept of digital marketing is related to the advertising strategies related to things on the internet and mobile digital devices (cell phones), etc.  These marketing strategies include things that generate sales, leads, and activity for a business such as Google Ads, Social Media Ads like Facebook or Instagram, Social Media Posts, Search Engine Optimization and others.  The overall outcome of digital marketing is a collective strategy focused on online channels that generate regular sales and leads for a business or entity.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

Very good question.   It depends on a few factors.   Page speed, how your website is built, how sound your website is as it relates to Google or other Search Engine algorithms, competitors in your area, and content.  Content has a HUGE impact in how your site ranks in most all situations.  Depending on the market you are in, the average to rank for moderately competitive keywords somewhere in the 5-6 month range.   Sometimes it can happen faster, and sometimes it can be quicker.  Reach out to us to discuss your area, and expected timing on SEO ranking for your business.

What companies do you work with?

Based on our specialties in digital marketing, we work with many customers in the services industry.   We have worked over the years with white collar organizations like attorneys, plastic surgeons and accountants.  We have also worked with roofers, landscapers, and epoxy flooring installers.   Our focus and happiest customers are the ones who have a large potential customer footprint that look for their services on the internet regularly.

Do I really need ads and SEO?

The simple answer is yes.   The deeper answer is that you can go with one or the other but to increase your chances of full visibility in all scenarios and searches, having Ads and a SEO strategy helps increase your chances of being found.  Ads cover many words and typically show up at the top of the page.  SEO is harder to anticipate, so you may show up, you may not, or it may show up far down the page – depending on the word and search engine.

How much does this cost?

We offer a large variety of services.   Ad creation and management, SEO, web development, CMO for hire, and other things in the marketing world.  Depending on the combination of services your company needs our monthly rates range between several hundred dollars – up to several thousand dollars a month.  Something we do differnetly than many other agencies is our ad budget management.  We dont take a margin on your ad budget every month.   You see every charge for an ad and we don’t mark that amount up for any customer.  Our goal is transparency for our customers.

How often do you meet with your clients?

We keep our customers and our communication a major priority.  In most cases we meet with our customers 1-2 times a month to review their success dashboards (available 24×7 to each client), discuss changes and progress.   We are more than happy to meet as needed for special requests and seasonal needs for our customers campaigns.  Our customers also have access to their account managers via email in between calls.

How Can Surch Help You?

The success of your business relies on a few key decisions that you make during your growth journey.  Your online presence is one of those decisions.  Schedule a discussion today to learn more about how our team can support the digital marketing needs of your business, and deliver consistent repeatable results.

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